The Christmas Paradox, A Holiday Devotional (Hebrews 1)…

Yea, I know, I know, I know… It’s been a while. Remember me? Maybe? Okay, look… I’m sorry. It’s my fault, really. It’s not you, it’s me.

No, seriously. I didn’t forget about you guys. I promise. I still love you, and hopefully you feel the same. For the record, forgiveness is a Christian virtue, sooooooo… (awkward) you really don’t have a choice but…

Life just got crazy. The wife’s pregnant, the job’s picked up, so I missed a few months. Give me time though. I’ll be back.

Anyways… for the few of you still following, attached below is a writing project I did this December for a tremendous publishing called The Lookout Magazine. I was asked by a new friend to write their December devotionals, and I’ll share them in part with you here as they are released each week. Follow the link for the whole thing.



Incarnation, the Christmas paradox: majesty dressed in humility, God’s Son growing in Mary’s belly, the Prince born peasant, Creator created, higher than angels laid lower than cattle, Jesus’ extraordinarily ordinary arrival. Can you feel the tension? If not, try reading Hebrews 1 over a modern-day manger, preferably while in use.

“[God] has spoken to us by his Son,” Hebrews 1:2 says. The Son’s subsequent résumé shows he is a really big deal (v. 2b-9). Yet incarnation was the way he spoke? Couldn’t he have motioned for, I don’t know, a pillar of fire? a raging storm? at least a burning bush? Why the country twang of a Galilean carpenter?

Defining the Divine
Why would God speak like this? Why a manger then a life then a cross? I assume he had options—he’s God. So why not less dirty and bloody? Couldn’t he have just snapped or nodded or thought his will into existence? Why incarnation?

The answer is simple—that’s God…


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Four Misguided Assumptions in the Absurdly Dubbed “Faith vs. Science” Debate


Here are four drastically over-simplified responses, to four frustratingly popular (but misguided) assumptions, in the absurdly dubbed “Faith vs. Science” debate… From one very under-qualified skeptic who needs to GET SOME STUFF OFF HIS CHEST! …A few things to know from the outset:

* New readers beware – SPOILER ALERT! – I follow Jesus.

* Where do I get my information? Too many to cite. Here’s an influential and recent source.

* Why add to the noise? Ummm… I’m a blogger. It’s what we do.

* Have I completely covered every aspect of each of these issues so exhaustively as to address every caveat and question that pertains to them? No. If you want that, read a book, not a blog.

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How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

It was after this post, about this time last year, that Cross-Shaped Stuff really began to gain a wider readership. So, one year later, perhaps it’s worth digging up old news. Apparently people really care about their marriages. Who would’ve thunk-it?


wedding 2
Photo Credit: Suni Danielle Photography

Today my wife Lindsay and I celebrate our two year anniversary. Two years ago, we tied the knot and took the plunge. Two years ago, the cutest girl in Indiana was taken off the market! Two years ago, we launched the beginning of the rest of our lives. Two years ago…

And after two years, there’s no hiding behind the dinner-and-a-movie façade of dating life any longer. I can’t buy enough flowers to conceal it. I can’t open enough doors. I can’t say enough “I love you’s.” She knows (and painfully, so do I) that she married the wrong person.

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The Smartest Thing All Smart People Do To Stay Smart and Become Smarter, Most of the Time


Life is full of firsts. Your first breath, step, word, ice-cream, day of school, ballgame, kiss, car, diploma, job, house, pet, wife, kid… Even today is a first. The strange thing about today is we’ve never done it before. Really, every day is a first. Every second is the first time that second has ever been a second.

This amazes me about the Creator God. Every day that’s ever been is its own. Every person that’s ever been is their own. What an astounding reality!? This reality makes everyday unique. Every emotion worth savoring. Every experience novel. Every relationship its own struggle and joy. Every moment worth attention. It gives each waking sunrise promise that yesterday perhaps couldn’t offer.

But it creates a dilemma too. You see, every human being is trying to get somewhere in life. We have a preferred destination for everything. We want our career, marriage, finances, relationships, faith to end somewhere. Specific. We have hopes and aspirations for our lives.

We all have a preferred destination for everything about us, but the bad news is, few of us know how to get there. And why? Because we’ve never been there. Because, well, that’s how life works. Life is full of firsts. Time holds the future hostage tomorrow. And having never been there, we have no real-life experience on how to get there.

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Yesterday Was Easter. Today’s My Birthday. Sorry.

birthday clown

Today’s my birthday (hence the horrifying birthday clown, I apologize to all readers under the age of twelve). The big two-eight. According to the life-expectancy for American men, that means I’m one-third dead. Not cool.

Also, yesterday was Easter weekend. Kind of a big deal for ministers. We had an awesome weekend at NECC celebrating the resurrection with the well over 6,000 folks that attended. I pray many drew closer to Jesus because of it. I love my church.

So with all that in mind, I will not be posting my regular blog today. Just an FYI for all our faithful readers. Thanks ahead of time for forgiving my laziness. It is a Christian virtue, after all.

I’ll pick back up soon with our every-other-week first-day-of-the-week posts.

Until then, read this (it has been our most clicked blog of the year): THE MOST DANGEROUS IDOL OF THE NEXT GENERATION

Or watch this (it has been our most watched sermon of the year):

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