i wish there was more cross-shaped stuff

I wish there was more cross-shaped stuff.

Not like this.

But more cross-shaped men and women.  Cross-shaped sons and daughters.  Cross-shaped churches.  Cross-shaped preachers.  Cross-shaped teachers. Cross-shaped policies. Cross-shaped books. Cross-shaped movies.  Cross-shaped families.  Cross-shaped smiles.  Cross-shaped tears.  Cross-shaped wallets.  Cross-shaped iPhones.  Cross-shaped pencils and pens and keyboards. Cross-shaped tattoos.  Cross-shaped drivers.  Cross-shaped homework.  Cross-shaped bedrooms. Cross-shaped diets.  Cross-shaped songs and guitars and pianos and trumpets and harmonicas. Cross-shaped lawns. Cross-shaped parking-lots.  Cross-shaped t-shirts. Cross-shaped vacations.  Cross-shaped credit-cards.  Cross-shaped calendars.  Cross-shaped coffee.  Cross-shaped streets.  Cross-shaped playgrounds.  Cross-shaped Bibles.  Cross-shaped hearts.

I wish there was more stuff that looked like a cross.  So here’s to being a little more cross-shaped today.

This blog, hopefully, is cross-shaped.  That’s the point.  I think.

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