The Logic of Addiction

I think it’s kind of ironic that the cycle of addiction is actually quite logical.  No matter what the addiction, there becomes a growing need for more and more and more of the substance, only to manifest itself in less and less and less of the desired high.  Basically, the addict constantly needs more only to receive less. Th

Reflecting on this recently, I thought to myself, “Isn’t that how evil works though? Isn’t this how sin works?”  It seems so obvious that such a cruel cycle of desolating desire and insatiable appetite should have the finger prints of the evil one all over it.  He offers you immediate gratification, only to steal more and more of your false-joy each time you turn to him.  Before you know it, you’ve become numb to the feeble satisfaction your sin once offered, and you’re acting more out of habit than anything else.  A habit whose chains are near impossible to break without immense pain and continued relapse.

Q: Does addiction have something to do with spiritual warfare?

Q: Does all sin manifest itself in similar ways as addiction?

Q: What are some of the best methods to conquer addiction? Practically and spiritually?

On the contrary though, isn’t that the exact opposite of the way faith works?  As you consume more and more of the substance, God, you become more and more fulfilled.  Right?

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