Good times at NECC – July 2012

Another great month and series in the books at NECC.  Tons of stuff happening at the church.  Tons of people I now know that I didn’t before.  Tons of Bible knowledge served up via Philemon, 2 John, Obadiah, 3 John, and Jude.  And overall, July was an absolute success.

To be honest, this small series has taught me a life a lesson or two for future ministry.  While the Bible nerd side of me loves when we commit five weeks to just preaching the Word, the pastor/leader side of me gets a little anxious when we approach a series with no clear agenda of what we want to accomplish.  One Hit Wonders was a series that promised nothing more and nothing less than to read through five small, but ever so important, books of the Bible and teach what we see therein.  There was no connecting thread.  There was no shared theme.  5 chapters. 5 books.  5 sermons.  Fortunately though, when you just teach the Bible, you’re exactly where God wants you.  It only makes sense that when His words and ideas are taught it is at that point when He’s best heard.

I still believe there is a revival brewing at this place.  Seriously… weird Holy Spirit stuff is happening all around here and I can’t wait to see what God’s future is.  So here is what you’ve been waiting for people. Some One Hit Wonder photos from a amateur paparazzi who thinks Instagram transforms you into God’s gift to photography.  And in my case it does.

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