Questions? Doubts? Hmmmm…

Dr. Tom Thatcher sat down with me a few months back and explained why he thinks doubt is a healthy, natural, and necessary byproduct of faith.

I know I’ve posted this several times in several venues before, but it is really that good. There are few things that frustrate me more than when “mature” Christians brush off skeptics or newbies for their “irreverent” questions or “oh-yeeeee-of-little-faith” ponderings. Mature dialogue is possible. Love is required.

Take six minutes and watch.

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2 thoughts on “Questions? Doubts? Hmmmm…

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  2. Sometimes the other side of doubt is disbelief, not a strengthened faith. So would Thatcher still say doubt was healthy and good if it led to disbelief? He has my respect if his answer is “yes” but he loses all credibility in my book if he would add qualifiers or otherwise say that only a certain amount or kind of doubt is okay.

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