Men… Shut-up. And take notes.

shut up

Listen men, I know everyone else in the world is a complete idiot compared to you.

I know you’re never wrong… you thought you were once, but that was a mistake.

I know that if your boss would just give you the reigns you’d turn the business around tomorrow.

I know you have the most innovative ideas yet to be introduced on the planet earth.

I know no one else should have a drivers license, but you.

And I know that if your wife would just listen to you then you could have all of her problems ironed out by dinner.

But Gentlemen, sometimes it’s just better to shut-up! Even when you think you shouldn’t.

Take notes.

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18 thoughts on “Men… Shut-up. And take notes.

  1. This video portrays women as incapable of identifying and fixing even the simplest problem (a nail in her head). The truth is we are intelligent, complex, caring, and very capable women of faith.
    We love, want, and need men. Not in a superficial manner (to do things we know we can do), but as confidants, helpmates, and leaders.

    However it is rare to find a man who wants to listen and understand the hearts and minds of the women in his life. In today’s society, most men do not value or listen to women as God intended. This is why conventional women’s roles of raising children, running a home, teaching, nursing, counseling, and building a community are undervalued.

  2. Strange. One minute we men are told by women and Christian bloggers that we don’t communicate enough, the next that we can’t shut up. Which one is it?

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