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** Just Another Church (pt.2) – The Most Valuable Relational Currency

You can’t really make a point, until you make a difference. That’s why so many churches will never be heard. Because they try to make push their ideals on to people without showing they care first. Most of us will never be heard because we haven’t earned the right to be. No matter how compelling your message, it can’t escape your reputation. So what sort of reputation are you building for yourself? What sort of platform does your life provide for your message? Trust is the most valuable form of relational currency. When people trust you, they hear you. When people trust you, they turn to you. When people trust you, they even follow you. So what have you done to prove that you are trustworthy?

** Just Another Church (pt.1) – NOT!

Many of us will make our biggest failures in life sitting still. We will blow tremendous ideas by not even trying them. We will waste God-sent dreams by allowing those dreams to remain dreams. And in so doing we will do the worst thing possible for the waiting world watching, hoping, yearning for us to make a difference. You know what we’ll do?… Nothing. What could be scarier than looking in the mirror 20 years from now and seeing the same person you are today?

** Who Is This Man? (pt.4) – Why Did the Savior Have to Die?

Jesus suffered and died on a cross. Why?

** Who Is This Man? (pt.3) – What is the Healer Doing?

Many churches today communicate the following message to the world through their actions, “If you believe like us and behave like us, then you can belong with us.” Jesus says quite the opposite. “You belong. Now. Before you believe right, before you behave right, you belong with me.”

** Who Is This Man? (pt.2) – What is the Teacher Saying?

You can’t just call Jesus a good teacher. He won’t let you. In fact, he teaches he is much much more than just a teacher.

** Brand (pt.2) – We Will Radically Invest in the Next Generation

Every younger generation is entitled, disrespectful, and on the fast track to hell in a handbasket. Right? And every older generation is resistant to change and insistent that the way things have been done is the way they should be. Right? Each generation is guilty of saying this about the generations that surround them. So how do we bridge the generational gap between the two? Can we? Should we? Join the conversation as Tyler challenges each generation to do their part.

** Brand (pt.1) – We Will Be a Community that Grows Together

You may not believe some of the things Christians do about Jesus, but you have to admit, his strategic model for kingdom expansion was pretty lucrative! Join the conversation as Tyler looks at the role authentic community should play in church.

** How’s Your Love Life? (pt.5) – The Essence of Marriage

The essence of marriage is a self-sacrificial commitment. Yet every weekend across the country, singles gather for weddings and make commitments they’re simply unable to keep. You see, real commitment is a lot bigger than you thought it was. And it could be the answer to some of your most important love life questions. “How do I know they’re the one?” “What if I’m divorced?” Join the conversation as Tyler uses the concept of commitment to answer some pressing questions.

** How’s Your Love Life? (pt.2) – A Man-to-Man Conversation

What do you do with an object? (1) You decide its value. (2) You use it. (3) You replace it. Now just to be clear men, women aren’t objects. They’re humans. Human beings who bear the image of God. Yet far too often we objectify them, sometimes subtly, sometimes explicitly. Join the conversation as we discuss how Jesus might’ve addressed hard topics that lead to the objectification of women like pornography, labels, and sexual compatibility.

** How’s Your Love Life? (pt.1) – Become the Right Person. Marry the Wrong Person.

Falling in love is easy. It just comes naturally. No one had to teach you how. All you needed were eyes. All you needed was chemistry. But staying in love, that’s difficult, and our culture does us no favors. We’re surrounded by bad examples in our families, unrealistic expectations from Hollywood, and a consumer-culture that glorifies self-centeredness. Some of us wonder if it’s even possible to find that forever kind of love? Join us to find out.

** Christmas, Upside Down… Love All (pt.4)

You can deny God as the creator of the moral universe, but you can’t deny Jesus as the chief influencer of it. See why he was so infleuntial.

** Christmas, Upside Down… Give More (pt.3)

Moment of honesty, as Christians, we are trying to take over the world. We believe knowing Jesus is a good thing, and we want to get everybody on board. There’s only one problem with our game plan… Us. Everywhere we go, there we are. This week, Tyler challenges us to get back to God’s original game plan revealed on the first Christmas.

** Christmas, Upside Down… Spend Less (pt.2)

The Christmas version of you is really like a caricature of you. It exaggerates and intensifies all your faults and flaws in all the wrong ways. But if you will begin to apply this one simple Christmas challenge to your life, it could change your entire life this holiday season.

** We Are… It’s Not About Me (pt.1)

We all grew up doing church a different way. And chances are, your church, like all churches, fell prey to the tendency to develop a church culture for church people. But the message of the church isn’t just for church people, it’s for everybody! So let’s decide together, like the early church did long ago, to not make it difficult for people who are turning to God, because at the end of the day, “It’s not about me.”

** I Believe in God But… I’m Not Baptized (pt.7)

In the New Testament, there were no conversions without immersions. Hear the biblical story of baptism told in a way you may have never heard.

** I Believe In God But… I’m Not Crazy (pt.4)

When your leader rises from the dead, ordinary is no longer an option. You must offer Jesus everything, not something.

** I Believe in God But… I’m Just Too Busy! (pt.3)

Busy is in. In fact, all we ever do is more. Ever went through a day and couldn’t enjoy anything because you were trying to do everything? Jesus gives us a clear priority list for our lives. This message is a life changer because it’s a time changer, and your time is your life.

** I Believe in God But… Not Jesus (pt.2)

Do you have a million questions about faith? Or do you just have one question that seems to be holding you back? Although answers help, they don’t make Christians. People don’t become Christians when they find answers to their questions, they become Christians when they encounter something or someone that dwarfs them.

** Get Your GroupOn (pt.2)

The early church practiced continual togetherness centered on Jesus. They practiced their faith together non-stop. Community wasn’t a part of life for them, it was the way of life. It was the context in which they followed Jesus. Life is unavoidable, so who do you do life with?

** Life Verse – Seek Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to see the big picture. It is the ability to look into your past and dream into your future to make better decisions in your present. But wisdom doesn’t come natural to us. That’s why it is important to seek out the source. Seeking wisdom is finding God. Having wisdom is knowing God. If you want to see the big picture, consult the One who painted it.

** The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached – Salt Saves (pt.3)

Every person goes through an identity crisis. A time in your life where you bump up against the question of purpose and ask, “Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing?” And when it comes to the question of purpose, you can ignore it, but you can’t avoid it. And the longer you ignore, the louder it gets! Jesus’ answer to this question is simple, “You are the salt of the earth.” And salt saves!

** The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached – The Great Risk of Faith (pt.1)

We all like to point our finger else where when casting blame for all the problems we see around us. But Jesus challenges you to take the great risk of faith in the Sermon on the Mount. And a great risk it is. In this epic sermon, Jesus teaches us in ideals, but he doesn’t do so without recognizing our real.

** All Is One: Nothing Else Matters (pt.3)

If the church could just get this one thing right, then we’d be right. But without it, nothing else we do really matters.

** All Is One: We Need Everybody To Be Somebody In This Body

Most people call church boring because they’ve went to boring churches. Most people call Christianity judgmental because they’ve met judgmental Christians. Most people don’t like Jesus because they’ve met some of his unlikeable followers. Fact is, we are the body of Christ. We are as close to the physical presence of Jesus that anybody in this world today will get. That means people’s opinions about Jesus will be based on their encounters with us.

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