The three that got the cut…

Ever since I committed to writing my undergrad thesis (this word being an explicit profanity for most college seniors) on baptism, I’ve been rather fascinated with the topic. So when I was given only 35 minutes this past weekend to spill my guts on it, you could imagine how many boxes of tissues I went through. Countless trees paid the ultimate price as I wiped tear after tear off my cheek. There was so much I wanted to say, but so little time to say it. Piece after piece of valuable compelling research was cut from the script.

I sit here today confident that I know exactly what it’s like to be Dusty Baker at the end of spring training. Making cuts is no easy thing.



BTW – You can watch thevideo right here.

But in hopes of healing, here are three things that I had to cut that I thought were pretty interesting. Encourage these forgotten tid-bits by wasting 5 minutes reading them.

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