The Elders at my church are boring…

The Elders at my church are so so boring.  Yep.  I said it.  They are flat-out yawn-your-face-off ordinary.  ZZZzzzzZZZzzzzZzZzZz.

Well that was a short-lived tenure at NECC for me wasn’t it?  One month and I spilled the beans on the Elders already.  I probably could’ve at least tried to hang around a year or two.  But us young whipper-snappers are always stirring the pot… we just can’t keep our BIG mouths shut.  And the next thing you know, we are in a whole slew of trouble.  But such is the epic quest for edginess and relevance.

So while I repack my desk (which fortunately still isn’t unpacked) and call the movers to come back, let me explain to you the main reason why I know our Elders are boring. You ready?

They are boring because they are supposed to be.

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