The Most Disastrous Thing Christians Do Everyday

We make some of our biggest leadership (and self-leadership) failures sitting still. We blow tremendous ideas by not even beginning them. We waste God-sent visions by allowing dreams to remain dreams.

And in so doing we do the worst thing possible for the waiting world spinning around us… nothing.

[Does any of the following describe your life?]


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why you shouldn’t aspire to be like Lebron James…

A lot of you who click to read this blog recognize the world we live in today.  It is a place brimming over with all sorts of information no more than a click of the mouse away.  We have the world at our fingertips… literally.  The average 20-something young adult has been exposed to more information by the time he or she hits 30 than the Venerable Bede did his entire life (at least it seems that way).  But while having the secrets of the world simply a Google search away seems like a good thing, and sometime it is, it can also be a very bad thing for a lot of reasons.

Much of the data streaming across our Twitter feeds isn’t really about anything useful, but instead it is about particular people.  Some of them are friends, but many of them are celebrities (see below – I’m a jock… sorry).   Our culture, ever so loudly,  has idolized celebrities in all realms and all walks of life.

There are celebrity hoopsters like LBJ.  Celebrity writers like the infamous Dan Brown.  Celebrity preachers.   Celebrity trophy wives.

But then there are celebrity chefs, celebrity truck drivers, celebrity scientists, celebrity nannies, celebrity moms, celebrity cops, celebrity moon-shiners, celebrity idiots, celebrity _____ (you fill-in the blank). Continue reading