The Most Disastrous Thing Christians Do Everyday

We make some of our biggest leadership (and self-leadership) failures sitting still. We blow tremendous ideas by not even beginning them. We waste God-sent visions by allowing dreams to remain dreams.

And in so doing we do the worst thing possible for the waiting world spinning around us… nothing.

[Does any of the following describe your life?]


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A message to those baptized this week at NECC (and all other Christians every where else too)…

On June 4th, 2012 my wife Lindsay and I celebrated our one year anniversary!  Sign up below in the comments section for marital counseling if you’d like to soak in the inordinate amount wisdom we’ve acquired in our now seasoned relationship …or not.

And on this glorious day, Lindsay and I celebrated in opulence and style like one year rock-stars should.  We woke up.  I gave my queen a kiss.  Made us some Folgers.  We got dressed.  Hopped in the 2012 Lamborghini Reventon 99 Toyota Avalon.  And made our way to the Sears Outlet store.  At Sears, we found an exquisite deal on a washer and dryer combo (with front-loading doors and an Eco-Friendly option).  Then proceeded to walk up the red-carpet into the Louisville Public Library, where we registered for our free year-long membership (VIP membership, of course). Then we went home.

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there’s a revival stirring at my church… seriously

I’m convinced there is a revival stirring at my church, Northeast Christian.  After a great sermon series called Making Ripples, we are primed to make God’s kingdom come and will be done in Louisville as it is in heaven.

Stories are being told. Lives are being changed. Community is being formed.  And people (lots of people) are vowing to make ripples in the lives of others.

With great discovery comes great responsibility.

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