God Has Been Speaking to Me: Twitter, #Psalms, and the blog I almost didn’t write


I almost didn’t write this blog for one reason… It’s different.

It’s different than what I normally write. It’s different in style, different in content. And when I write different, I find that people tend to like it less, which means they share it less, which means the blog reaches less, and (honest moment of self-reflection and inevitable depravity) deep down inside I want people to read what I write.

Even though I shouldn’t desire it as much as I do, I subconsciously slip into the trap of measuring success the way the world does – Numbers! Hits! Clicks! Mentions! Likes! Followers! Viral!

In the past, I’ve actually trashed topics I’ve sensed God wanted me to write because I knew they were just different enough not to take off. And that’s wrong. So I just decided this time that can’t be the case. I decided to blog this anyways, despite how I predict people will respond (or how people won’t respond), because I believe God has really been speaking to me.

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Evangelism vs. Discipleship – So which one is more important???

Q: Should the church be primarily focused on evangelizing the lost or discipling the saved?

Q: How do you balance the two?  Or should there even be a balance? Perhaps the pendulum should swing a little more one way than the other?

Q: Practically, what does this look like in a weekend church worship context?  What does this look like in the way churches teach and train disciples? 

Q: Personally, what should this look like in your life as you grow and cultivate “spiritual disciplines”?

To be honest, I think that when we ask questions like these (though they are thoughtful and pertinent and important questions to work through) we are ultimately asking the wrong question. Because what we have done here in setting up this impenetrable tension is create a false dichotomy that Jesus would have never intended to exist.

Disciple-making is evangelism.  And evangelism is disciple-making.

When you evangelize, fact is, you are becoming a more complete disciple.  And biblically, every single last one of us are called to do it. Continue reading