This is what it looks like to stand next to God… (pt. 2)

As some of the more faithful cross-shaped readers might recall, the last post blew you away with my artistic creativity and ingenuity.  Perhaps a quick reminder will refresh your memories and impress you anew.

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Now let’s move from picture world to Bible world and make this all come together.

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This is what it looks like to stand next to God… (pt. 1)

Usually most of my posts are pretty wordy.  It’s pretty much a rule of my profession.  Preachers have a lot to say, and are bound by God to take more words than needed to say it.  It’s a spiritual gift.  A vocation if you will (see I just proved it with my intro).  But this post will flaunt less of my word-smith failures and more of my artistic expertise.  All you right-brained eclectic folks with skinny jeans and long hair, I love you.  Light some incense, pour a cup of tea, and kick up your Toms.  Here is what you’ve been waiting for.

Standing next to God, there’s really nothing to be proud of.  Nothing to hold your head high about.  Nothing to flex over your neighbor.  Except your status as an adopted son and all.  But that’s it.  Money, authority, dominion, aptitude, skill… throw it all out the door.  Because when you look at THE big picture, this “stuff” means nothing.

Let me illustrate for you.

Here is how we look at life (told you I was an artist).  It’s just a simply fact that certain things make you bigger, better, and badder in the eyes of man.  Leaving some towering in their self-made prominence, and others wallowing in their weaknesses.

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